From the early years of humanity man was gathering to hunt, live, grow, etc.. To defend that status against others, begins the struggle and conflict. This worsens over time and especially when the city-states are leading to the great civilizations with its fabulous armies, weapons, cultures and ways of understanding the coexistence with other neighboring towns.
This is where our brand Flintlock Miniatures starts (in clear reference to these early firearms, as rough and difficult to handle, but that gave such glory as those brave men that behaved), and our purpose in shaping historical events high quality figures, highlighting the modeling, the gallantry, bravery and why not, their fears, men who have left us a legacy as exciting and fascinating as history, coupled with no less exciting and fascinating world of miniature, constituting both history and miniatures, perfect composition and other art form, which Miniatures Flintlock try to give all fans, so, welcome to this wonderful world and enjoy …. painting a small piece of history.

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